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Microbalances MYA 3Y series are intended to measure mass with the highest accuracy. They feature 5,7" LCD colour touch panel which provides new possibilities of balance operation and presenting measurement results. Measurement reliability and accuracy are maintained by system of automatic internal adjustment / calibration. 

Level control in the MYA 3Y series is based on LevelSENSING system, RADWAG patented solution, which uses a system of an electronic level. New function is online monitoring of ambient conditions through builtin ambient conditions module with visualization on balance’s display. Personalization of balance settings is carried out in extended user profiles and multilevel system of access levels to balance’s menu.

Control over opening and closing of the weighing chamber’s door is carried out through programmable IR proximity sensors, installed on the terminal’s overlay.

Differential weighing mode aids mass control of the same sample subjected to differed processes over time. It is particularly useful in pharmacy, environmental protection, petroleum chemistry, etc. Pipettes calibration mode is carried out using an adapter, which is an ergonomic tool aiding calibration and checking of piston pipettes using gravimetric measuring method. Extended databases enable storing all carried out measurements, with option of printing and exporting them. Standard and user defined printouts allow for maintaining documentation complying with GLP/GMP requirements practically in any application.


Technical Data

Weighing chamber dimensions  : ø 90 × 90 mm
Stabilisation time                           :  5 s
Calibration                                       : automatic (internal)
Interface                                           : 2×USB, RS 232, Ethernet, 4 in / 4 out (digital)
Power Supply                                 : 13.5 ~ 16 V DC / 2.1 A
Display                                            : 5.7" touch screen 


Max  Load




Pan Si5ze


                    1 μg

0.65 (to 0.2 g) | 1 μg (0.2 g~2 g) | 1.6 μg (2 g~5 g)

            ±5 μg

ø 26 mm

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