Horiba Laquatwin

Horiba’s LAQUAtwin compact ion meter

No other pocket tester or compactmeter available today can match the features and test parameters that are offered by the LAQUAtwin range. 

Allow us to highlight some of the unique aspects and selling points of the Horiba LAQUAtwin series:

  1. Quality - Made in Japan,by Horiba. Japanese quality and industrial design is well respected and valued. 
  2. Design – with their attractive vivid colours, soft contours, and compact size the LAQUAtwin departs from the standard instrument “look”. 
  3. Sensor–all the LAQUAtwin meters (except Conductivity) features the flat sensor construction which is unique to Horiba. The flat sensorallows users to measure a sample size no other similar meters are capable of measuring. The benefit to the user is the versatility in type of samples, measure any typeliquid/powder/semi-solids.Sample volumes from 100L drop to ocean water.
  4. Portability – A growing selection of ion parameters makes the portable, small size, waterproof and light LAQUAtwin a true “lab-in-a-pocket”, allowing the measurement ofa diverserange of samples in-situ, quickly and accurately.
  5. Versatile model line-up-(more parameters on the way)
  6. Cost effective – the meter’s low prices makes them an easy choice and attractive tool for many users. The use of small volumes of calibration solution saves money in the long run. The use of the LAQUAtwin for field measurement saves laboratory soil/plant test fees.

We are hoping that you join us in promoting this unique range of instruments to many of your customers.