Discussion about miVac Sample Concentrators - Duo, Quattro and DNA Integrated System

The biological sample concentrator that is miVac concentrator is a secluded scope of diffusive vacuum concentrators. They are utilized in solidifying the driers which are equipped for expelling the water and natural solvents that are present in an assortment of test groups including tubes, microplates, and vials. You can find three types of miVac sample concentrator in the present market. They are – The first one is miVac Duo concentrator, the other one is miVac Quattro sample concentrator, and the last one is miVac scroll pump concentrator. You have to decide or select what type of concentrator is suitable for your laboratory. The miVac Duo sample concentrator is used for low sample numbers and miVac Quattro sample concentrator is for larger number of samples. Also, it is possible to consolidate with a Duo, Quattro or Scroll vacuum siphon contingent upon the solvents being concentrated. And include further choices, for example, the one of a kind Speed Trap cold device and vacuum controller. The special kind of Jet Rotors, strong aluminium, and implicit uncommon techniques advance the grouping of water and water blends which enhances the execution and also for diminishing the time.

The SpeedTrap of miVac may likewise be utilized for the freeze drying the low volumes of water. It can also be worked as an independent little volume solidify drier, or designed as a solidify drying workstation or consolidated fixation. Here, miVac Quattro sample concentrator is utilized in the high throughput laboratories.

Key Features and Benefits of miVac sample concentrator:

The sample concentrator, miVac concentrator has some key features and also advantages. Let’s see the important highlights and benefits of this biological sample concentrator. They are:

  • It is simple to utilize
  • It comprises of compact modular units
  • Accurate control of temperature
  • Has heat and run timers
  • Speed evaporation
  • Novel fast free SpeedTrap
  • It has unique solid aluminium rotors
  • Environmentally friendly

Application examples:

These are the application examples of miVac sample concentrator

  • DNA and Oligonucleotides
  • Clinical and Diagnostic Testing
  • Proteins and peptides
  • Food and Beverage
  • Environmental analysis

So, the miVac Quattro sample concentrator is used for large number of samples. This is the reason they are used in high throughput biological laboratories. So, it used in removing high range of solvents from the sample and even from the water and offers best of class performance to remove solvents in high throughput laboratories.

miVac DNA Integrated System

miVac DNA Integrated System

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miVac Duo Basic Concentrators

miVac Duo Basic Concentrators

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miVac Quattro High Concentrators

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miVac Quattro Low Concentrators

miVac Quattro Low Concentrators

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