LabIndia - Analytical solutions for Pharma / Food / Chemical / Petroleum

LabIndia offers some of the wide range of Tablet physical testing Apparatus, Tablet Dissolution Apparatus, Titrator / Karl Fischer / Melting point / pH and Conductivity, GC / GC-MS / ICP / ICP-MS and many more.

LabIndia is a leading provider of laboratory analytical supplies in India with its branches extended overall the country established in 1982 to provide high-quality instrumentation. It has four main divisions, Bioscience, Micro science, Nano bio process and Petro division. Their Bio science products include thermos scientific products- purification systems, centrifuges, CO2 incubators, microplate & multimode readers, Restek chromatography products, Telstar freeze dryers, cell homoimmunizer systems, drying ovens, food safety testing, environmental testing, wine quality an veterinary diagnostic products. Nano bio process products are Autoclaves, spectrometers, chromatographs, microscopes etc. Petro products include lubricating greases, oils, waxes and general test equipment. LabIndia analytical instruments include Hardness testers, UV/VIS atomic absorption spectrometers, conductivity and pH meters, titrators and melting range apparatus. Their LabIndia systems include virtual reality surgery simulators, molecular breast imaging systems, molecular diagnostics, cardiology equipment and laser pain management.

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