Integrated Laboratory Water Purification System by PALL

PALL Corporation form global leader by serving the diverse needs of the customers in various fields of life sciences. They provide High-tech filtration, separation and purification solutions for fluid management needs. Their medical technologies form the last line of defence against fatal pathogens. 

Pall Products play key roles in:

  • Manufacturing inovative semiconductors
  • Mounting water quality, scarcity and demand issues
  • Maximize production and development of next generation fuels.

Water plays an vital role in the research and diagnostic laboratories. Quality of water is to be maintained for proper results which is very challenging. Pall Cascada Laboratory Water Purification System provides high purity water with integrated process controls and an easy-to-use interface. Various models provided by pall depending on the level of water purity obtained are :

  • Cascada I
  • Cascada II-I
  • Cascada III
  • Cascada III-I

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