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Adhesive Sealing Films used for Automation

Now adhesive sealing films are available on Roll-Seal rolls, and the best among them is by Excel Scientific. These are mainly used for high throughput, and they are handy for automatic microplate sealers. These are Films rolls which are constructed on 3-inch-, plastic base. These are well-matched with most of the commonly used adhesive sealers like Brandel, Fluidx, Thermo-Fisher, and even KBiosystems.

This particular Roll-Seal set-up can give highly efficient sealing, and along with that, this format is highly reliable as well. The best part is this format provides efficient sealing comparatively at a lower price per plate. Another advantage is this Roll-Seal format demands minimal user intervention. Another benefit of this Roll-Seal format is this comes with highly robust and static-free packaging. This packaging can provide the best protection, mainly during shipment. Along with that, the packaging also helps in proper adhesion and alignment.

Adhesive Sealing Films used for Automation

Other features of these adhesive sealing films with the roll-seal format are:

  • They are made in the USA
  • They are fast and efficient
  • They provide high-throughput sealing of 2.5-5 sec/plate
  • There is no backing or handling needed for removal of individual sheets
  • They are hands-free, and that is the reason, it reduces the chances of any contamination or mishap. There is best and unchanging sealing from one plate to another
  • These adhesive sealing films are heat-free. Because of this these adhesive films are safe from no high temperature which can damage wrap plates and sensitive samples which may lead to robotic handling issues

Along with all these, these adhesive films are highly convenient when it comes to working with the foils. The best part is, it also avoids curling, which usually occurs with some sheets. One more benefit of these adhesive films in Roll-seal format is they are highly economical.

Compared to other heat-seat films and individual sheet seals, product cost is lower per plate.

Compared to many other heat-seals films, these adhesive sealing films are more comfortable to peel for the removal. They also come with very high-precision provision along with automated sealers. This helps to maintain consistent positioning on the plates.

These adhesive sealing films in the roll-seal format are highly compatible with most of the currently used adhesive SBS plate sealers. These sealing films are manufactured static-free, and their packaging facilitates adhesion as well as alignment. Since they come with highly protective packaging, this helps in damages which can occur during shipping.

These adhesive sealing films also come with plastic cores, and this helps in eliminating corrugated fiber dust.

Presently these roll-seal, adhesive seals are available in three different sealing materials. They are ThermalSeal RTS, AlumaSeal, and AeraSeal. The content Thermal Seal RTS can provide a high vapor barrier, and they also contain very potent, silicone gum. This can be used in applications like general incubation and storage, HTS, and sitting-drop protein illustration.

AlumaSeal is nothing but pierceable aluminum foil, and this is also pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. This can be used for HTS, PCR, and cold storing. The AeraSeal are nothing but rayon films which are breathable, and they are recommended for tissue and cell culture.

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