PEEK Membranes now with FirstSource!!


Novamem Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) membranes exhibit unrivalled chemical , thermal and mechanical properties. Novamem makes chemically non-modified nano- and microporous PEEK-membranes which are hydrophobic & highly temperature resistant (melting point 343 °C). Novamem PEEK Membrane Membranes exhibit outstanding resistance to almost any known organic solvent, as they consist of non-modified pure PEEK Other PEEK Membrane Modified PEEK-membranes does not

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Autoclave with Innovative Solutions that Suit Your Needs!

Tuttnauer Autoclaves & Accessories

Tuttnauer autoclaves are specially designed for your advanced laboratory applications. They provide high quality repeatable performance and accountability for a wide range of applications used in modern laboratories, such as: Liquid sterilization (using two flexible PT100 probes) with various cooling options Pipette and Glass sterilization Instrument sterilization (wrapped or unwrapped) Biohazard and Waste sterilization Agar preparation Specialized custom cycles Fast

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Is USP chapter 857 an Important Amendment to be Followed in Your Spectrophotometer?


USP focuses on novel approaches for creating standards that are useful for the manufacture of the growing array of complex biologics. Validation and verification of analytical procedures both play a critical role in a manufacture’s quality control activities in the laboratory. The USP-NF provides guidance on validating non-compendia procedures. USP 857 has been a compulsion from 1st May 2016. They

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Happy Mothers Days to all Super Moms!


Every Mom is a super mom. As a child she taught me “A” for apple “B” for Ball. Today I stand here to tell what she means to me!! A for A- Assertive B- Brave C- Comforter, Counselor D- Disciplinarian, Devoted E- Encouraging F- Faithful G- Gracious, grateful H- Hardworking, Honest I- Iron women, Inspiring J- Joyful, jovial K- Kind,

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No more Bumping and Foaming of Your Sample


Solvent removal is an essential process, widely applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology industries. In these areas removal of solvents is an important part of a procedure. But bumping, foaming and sample loss is a major obstacle faced during solvent removal. A Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator is capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including

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Peak Webinar – The Success Zone


FirstSource hosted a successful GC webinar with Peak Scientific On Tuesday 15th Dec, FirstSource Laboratory Solution hosted a Peak GC webinar The webinar was hosted by FirstSource Laboratory Solutions and was delivered by Dr. Ed Connor, GC Product Specialist at Peak Scientific, the main aim of this webinar was to bring awareness on the rising cost of helium and the

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New Year Revolution!


Wishing you a Successful and a Prosperous New year. Technology is an amazing thing to be appreciated. We all rely on technology and our life is evolving with it. Modern technologies have made life more far better and more convenient. Our challenge is to get to tomorrow, make lab work easy, safe and more enjoyable. So let’s rewrite your technology

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Bells are ringing in the streets, its Christmas time all around!


“Christmas now surrounds us, Happiness is everywhere Our hands are busy with many tasks As carols fill the air.” -~ Shirley Sallay FirstSource wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. In this festive season of giving and sharing, we bring along a” live chat “feature on our website. We will share our Knowledge and get your queries

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Managing your cell culture and waste biochemical tiresome? No more waste of your time & substance!


Contamination of cell cultures is the most common problem encountered in cell culture laboratories. Preventing wastage of solution and contamination has been a long dream of many researchers. Cell culture contamination may be biological or chemical, seen or unseen, destructive or seemingly benign, but in all these cases they will adversely affect both the use of your cell cultures and

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