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Labnet ENDURO 10cm and 15cm Horizontal Gel Box with Casting Trays

Labnet International provides ENDURO Horizontal Gel Boxes which are designed for easy and safe handling. The tanks are molded from UV transparent Acrylic for leak-proof performance and a long service life. The power leads for the electrophoresis system are attached to the gel box lid. The connection is established with the electrodes when the lid is placed properly. Removal of ...

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Special Offers on Eutech, Antech & Jeiotech brands

Eutech Bench Top Meter Conductivity/TDS Temp. Conductivity is defined as the ability of the material to conduct electric current. In solutions the conduction is due to ions (Anions and Cations) whereas in metals it is by electrons. Salts, acids, bases are electrolytes ie. They dissolve in water to form ions.  Conductivity is not specific It only measures the total concentration ...

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