Analytical Balance, Max Capacity 220g AS 220.3Y


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Analytical Balance AS 220.3Y


  1. It has 5,7" TFT colourful touch screen display.
  2. Its design opens new possibility within the scope of balance operation and presentation of measurement result.
  3. The balance enables highly developed customization of its settings through user profiles.
  4. The .3Y series comprises automatic internal adjustment system using an internal mass standard.
  5. Its level is monitored by a LevelSENSING system, a RADWAG patented solution including an electronic level.
  6. A new feature of the .3Y series is on-line monitoring of ambient conditions by means of either internal sensors or external ambient conditions module THB 3 series.
  7. The AS 3Y series features large weighing chamber protected by an anti-draft shield against ambient conditions impact.
  8. The draft-shield also ensures cleanness and sterility of weighing chamber interior.
  9. Interactive formula making mode of the AS.3Y series guarantees speed and reliability when designing formulations, based on data acquired from balance databases.
  10. Differential weighing mode facilitates mass control process of the same sample undergoing different processes over time.
Max capacity [Max]
220 g
Minimum load
10 mg
Readability [d]
0.1 mg
Tare range
-220 g
0.1 mg
±0,3 mg
Minimum weight (USP)
200 mg
Minimum weight (U=1%,k=2)20 mg
Stabilization time
3.5 s
Pan Size
ø 100 mm
Sensitivity drift
1ppm/°C in temperature +15 - +35 °C
Working temperature
+10 - +40 °C
Power supply
13.5 - 16 V DC 
internal (automatic) 
5.7'' (touch screen) 
2×USB, 2×RS 232, Ethernet, 4 Inputs/4 Outputs (digital), WiFi 2,4GHz b,g,n 
Packaging size
585 x 355 x 530 mm
Net weight/Gross weight
6.2/10.2 kg
Power consumption
500 mA (wireless terminal - 1A) 

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