Liquid Filter Calibration Set UV301


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Liquid Filter Calibration Set UV301
  • Calibration set (667-UV301) consists of eight liquid filters which enable the complete checking of the spectrophotometer according to European Pharmacopeia
  • They are designed for use with the standard 10 mm cell holder provided with spectrophotometers.
  • The set is supplied in a Pelicase.
  • For identification purposes a number is engraved on each filter.
  • The absorbance values and/or peak position wavelengths of every filter are quoted in the accompanying calibration certificate

Liquid filter set
Consisting of
Complete Set for Checking the Spectrophotometer According to Pharm. Eur.
667-UV100 Potassium Chloride + Blank
198, 200 nm (certified)

667-UV200 Toluene in Hexane + Blank
266, 269 nm

667-UV305 Potassium Dichromate in HClO4 + Blank
235, 257, 313, 350, 430 nm

667-UV5 Holmium oxide in perchloric acid + Blank
241.15; 287.15; 361.5; 536.3; 640.5 nm

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