Macro Kjeldahl Apparatus- 6 RECESS 100-300ML MACRO-DIGESTION


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Macro Kjeldahl Apparatus- 6 RECESS 100-300 ML MACRO-DIGESTION UNIT 230 V UK PLUG

The Macro-Kjeldahl Extraction equipment has been designed for Kjeldahl extraction on a macro scale to determine the protein content of food. Each heating mantle has it own energy regulator incorporating an On/Off switch and a "Mains to Heater" amber neon indicator. There is also a "Mains On" clear neon indicator on the front panel.


  1. Rugged, easy to clean stainless-steel construction 
  2. Back-mounted brackets hold flask support rods (supplied with each unit)
  3. Choice of 2 or 6 positions
  4. Choice of 2 flask capacity sizes: 100- 300ml and 500- 800ml for both the 2 and 6 position models
  5. Operates up to a maximum element temperature range of 550°C to 800°C
  6. Dedicated controllers for each recess are housed in a "cool zone"
  7. Grounded stainless steel earth screen covering the heating element
  8. Units are double fused for added safety (except for the MQ3868B/E which is only available as the 230V model as it is wired in directly)

Please note that glassware is not included

Technical Specification 

Element temperature range
550°C to 800°C maximum
Case material
Stainless steel
Thermal insulation
Ceramic fiber/ mineral wool
Clamps for support rods
Fitted with adjustable clamps to accept the standard arms supplied
Wells capacity, ml
100 - 300 ml
No. of Position6
Wells dimensions,(dia x depth) mm
89 x 45 mm

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