Instalab® 700 NIR Analyzer


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The Instalab® 700 analyzer offers reliability and accuracy in fixed filter testing that is simple to operate and affordable.

Quality design and construction ensures the most reliable NIR results available. The Instalab 700 has a patented rotating sample cup which virtually eliminates problems associated with sample non-homogeneity. The cup rotation is computer controlled, with 120 readings taken at 3° intervals and averaged for each wavelength. The optional liquid sample cup has a non-rotation feature for measurement of liquids and oils.

Benefits and Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive color touch screen, eliminating operator training
  • Tungsten halogen light source
  • Memory storage for numerous calibrations
  • Stable circuitry eliminates electrical drift and ensures nonvolatile storage
  • of calibration constants, eliminating the need for an auxiliary power source.
  • Thermoelectrically cooled photo detector eliminates temperature drift
  • Sample cup interchangeability
  • Liquid sample cup for oils and liquids
  • Communication capabilities – Supports both USB and RS232 standard printers. This includes multiple baud rates with custom header and footer.
  • File Management – Storage of 3000 records, Export analysis data, Product calibration loading via USB memory stick
  • USB, Ethernet Ports – Multiple ports for software upgrades, USB devices, printer and peripherals such as mouse and scanner
  • Improved drawer design – Easily removed for cleaning
  • Larger optional open sample cup
  • Simple slope and Bias adjustment for every calibration
  • Uses existing Instalab 600 calibrations

31 lbs/14.06 kg

(Height) 13.93 in / 35.4 cm 

(Width) 15.52 in / 39.42 cm

(Depth) 14.25 in / 36.19 cm

Power Requirements
120 / 220 VAC (50 – 60 Hz)
Voltage Range
90 to 260 VAC (50 – 60 Hz)
Number of OpticalFilters
4 to 10
Serial Computer Interface
RS-232-C and USB
Sample Integration Technique
Rotating Cup
Filter Bandpass
Approximately 10nm
Light Source
Tungsten Halogen
ETL Mark

5% RH to 95% RH to 27.7°C noncondensing

decreasing linearly to 60% RH at 35°C

decreasing linearly to 50% at 40°C

Up to 2000 meters
Operating Temperature
10 – 40°C(machine accuracy specification 10 – 35°C)
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Calibration Storage
Flash memory
Typical Analysis Time
10 seconds
Thermoelectrically cooled lead sulfide (Pbs) 
Reference Measurement
Through entire opticalsystem, against ceramicdisk 
Gain Setting
Automatic for reference gain, calibration file controls gain or sample
Diagnostic screens for troubleshooting indooruse only

  • Grain processing
  • Flour milling
  • Ethanol production
  • Feed processing
  • Meat processing
  • Dairy processing

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