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Special Offers on Eutech, Antech & Jeiotech brands

Eutech Bench Top Meter Conductivity/TDS Temp.

Conductivity is defined as the ability of the material to conduct electric current. In solutions the conduction is due to ions (Anions and Cations) whereas in metals it is by electrons. Salts, acids, bases are electrolytes ie. They dissolve in water to form ions.  Conductivity is not specific It only measures the total concentration of ions in solution and cannot distinguish one ion from another.

Electric Conductivity depends on the following factors:

  • Concentration of ions
  • Temperature of the solution – Conductivity is directly proportional to temperature
  • Nature of ion – Valency of the ion is directly proportional to conductivity.
  • Mobility of ions

The instrument used to measure the conductivity of the desired solution is called conductivity meter. The primary function of the conductivity meter is to determine the ability of the desired solution to transport electric current.

The Eutech CON 700 Conductivity meter provided by FirstSource contains ATC probe with Integral Electrode Holder. It offers years of reliable, accurate and consistent performance. It has user friendly features and display is digital. It can hold up to 100 data points.


  • Water Treatment – It is mainly used to measure the amount of impurities, salts and available amount of salts in sample water
  • Leak Detection
  • Cleanliness of a place – In Pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries
  • Interface Detection – In Chemical industries
  • Desalination

Special Offers on Eutech, Antech and Jeiotech brands

Eutech pH 700 Meter With pH Electrode

pH is representation of gram equivalent per litre of  H+ ion Concentration in any solution and varies between 0 – 14. It is measured as log of H+ ion per litre of solution. pH indicates how much acidic or basic the solution is.  If the solution is acidic then pH of it will be below 7 and if it is basic then pH will be above 7. Neutral solutions will have pH as 7.

A pH meter is a scientific instrument that measures the pH of the given solution. The pH meter measures the difference in electrical potential relates to the acidity or pH of the solution. FirstSource provides Eutech pH 700 with pH electrode and ATC probe. The probe itself is made up of 2 electrodes. This probe passes electrical signals to a meter which displays the reading in pH units. It is user friendly and accurate and is an ideal choice for routine applications. It has large and easy to read display and has non – volatile memory that holds up to 100 data points.


  • Used in chemical laboratories
  • Used for soil measurements
  • Brewing of wine or beer
  • Healthcare and Clinical applications
  • Water purification processes

Jeiotech Magnetic Stirrers:

Jeiotech MS-12BB Magnetic Stirrer with a various ranges of speed and it is suitable for the high speed rotation experimental environment. This model with a ergonomic design and light weight. Jeiotech stirrers are easy to operate and low profile. These models include the two non-slip silicon plate covers i.e., white and black, with durable BLDC motor. These are built in thermal shutdown and current limit protection.

Jeiotech HotPlate Magnetic Stirrer:

Jeiotech TS-14S HotPlate Magnetic Stirrers are user friendly and easy to handle. Now these models are available with various features at FirstSource Laboratory Solutions.


  • Microprocessor PID control system
  • Feedback control system allows constant stirring speed
  • Temperature calibration function
  • Auto-tuning function
  • Multi-functional temperature control modes i.e., (optimal / fast / slow / user / point)
  • Optimum heating level is adjustable from 0 to 100%
  • Advanced dual wait on/off timer modes
  • User can set timer to starts immediately after the timer setting or only after reaching the set temp
  • Separate operation RUN/STOP button
  • Provided temperature probe detects the actual temperature of media in real time. (PT100, max. 250°C, SN-8-4 connector sensor)
  • Hot top warning Indicator, built in thermal shut off, current limit protection.
  • High and low temperature limit setting for user convenience and safety

Ultra Sonic Cleaner & Baths

The process of cleaning items by using the normal ultrasound i.e., 20 to 350 KHz and an appropriate cleaning solvent is known as Ultrasonic cleaning. The ultrasound used with water, but the use of solvent appropriate for the cleaning of item and the type of soiling present enhances the cleaning effect. Cleaning will depend on the cleaning material, normally it will takes from 4-5 minutes, but sometimes it will take place more than 20 minutes also.

ANTECH ultrasonic baths provides a high quality cleaning. These baths are with LED display for the temperature and timer, and also normal and soft function to resolve the cleaning blind spot.

Applications: Thoroughly removes blood, protein and contaminants on tools such as glassware, lenses, instruments and precision components. In industries these baths are used for deep cleans to remove dirt, grease, waves and oils from industrial parts and components of all kinds, including steel, light and nonferrous metals, plastic and glass.


  • Baths are with degas function for laboratory purposes.
  • Memory function.
  • Automatically ultrasonic frequency tracking.
  • POSCO SS 304 tank. Stamping tank without welding gap for better waterproof.
  • High-performance transducer systems.

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