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Scientifique Fully Autoclavable Variable Volume Micropipettes

FirstSource Laboratory Solutions provides Scientifique Variable Volume Micropipettes that are fully autoclavable. It has ergonomic design and colour coded for easy identification. Calibration conforms to EN-ISO 8655 standards ensuring high accuracy and precision. It includes all the required basic features such as light weight, durability and high accuracy-precision. Hence this model has been widely in start up laboratories, universities, colleges and other laboratories where high quality, durability and affordability are given equal importance. The following range of micropipettes are provided by us –

  • Volume : 0.5µL – 10 µL
  • Volume : 2 µL – 20 µL
  • Volume : 10 µL – 100 µL
  • Volume : 100 µL – 1000 µL
  • Volume : 500 µL – 10000 µL

Scientifique Fully Autoclavable Variable Volume Micropipettes Package with Tips

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This package also includes Micropipette Stand for 6 Pipettes.

Pipette Tips

Scientifique Pipette Tips have been produced from high quality diamond finish mould using special FDA approved medical grace virgin polypropylene with very high transparency. The innovative design of tips is adaptable with wide range of pipettes with minimum force requirement for loading and ejection. It is an ideal match for high sensitive PCR work. It’s produced in a fully automatic, human touch free, clean room production facility. It is free from RNase, DNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen and PCR inhibitor. It is also free of lubricants and heavy metals. All tips are provided with graduation that helps in visual checks to minimize any risk of errors during the sample aspiration.

Filter Tips : They are specially developed PE filters stops aerosols and contamination from entering into the pipettes and thus lessens the risks or cross contamination. Pure filters are used which are free from chemical additives and heavy metals.

The following range of tips are provided by us –

  • 10µL Universal Grad Tip – 1000 Tips
  • 100 µL Universal Grad Tip Filter – 1000 Tips
  • 200 µL Universal Grad Tip – 1000 Tips
  • 1000 µL Universal Grad Tip – 1000 Tips
  • 10mL Tip suitable for 10mL, 1-10mL pipette – 100 Tips

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