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Peak Webinar – The Success Zone

FirstSource hosted a successful GC webinar with Peak Scientific

On Tuesday 15th Dec, FirstSource Laboratory Solution hosted a Peak GC webinar


The webinar was hosted by FirstSource Laboratory Solutions and was delivered by Dr. Ed Connor, GC Product Specialist at Peak Scientific, the main aim of this webinar was to bring awareness on the rising cost of helium and the benefits of hydrogen carrier gas over helium carrier gas.

It was an informative session, which focused on the benefits of switching to laboratory gas generators for Gas Chromatography and providing a detailed analysis of the world’s current reserves of helium, its availability to the global market and recent price increases. Dr. Ed also spoke about the issues faced by many labs who are still using traditional helium cylinders, the advantage of replacing their traditional helium cylinders with a more economical viable solution and how this can be done, without compromising the integrity of the lab’s analysis.

Safety First! Peak generators when compared to cylinders provides you with a dependable, easy to use on-demand gas solution without any of the safety concerns; for example: 1) Cylinders contain large quantities of gas at high pressure and therefore present a potential health and safety problem; 2) The cylinders are fairly heavy and they have to be periodically change, this can cause accidents that release a large volume of gas into the lab environment; 3) If the gas released is nitrogen, there is potential for asphyxiation of anybody unlucky enough to be in the lab; 4) If the gas is hydrogen, there is the potential for an explosion to occur; 5) Releasing the contents of a large hydrogen cylinder, which contains around 9000 litres of hydrogen at atmospheric pressure, rapidly into a small lab would present a major risk of explosion. Compare this with a hydrogen generator which produces 500cc/min of hydrogen and you can easily see the safety benefits of using a generator. The webinar concluded with an interaction session where the attendees could clarify their queries with Dr. Ed, who was assisted by GC Product Manager, Greg Stringfellow.

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