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No more Bumping and Foaming of Your Sample

Solvent removal is an essential process, widely applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology industries. In these areas removal of solvents is an important part of a procedure. But bumping, foaming and sample loss is a major obstacle faced during solvent removal.


A Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator is capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates and vials. It can also be used to freeze dry aqueous samples. What is the principle behind this? As the atmospheric pressure reduces, the boiling point of a solvent also reduces and when the pressure is low enough, the solvent will boil, enabling removal of solvents at very low temperatures, depending upon solvents used and the vacuum level applied. The g-force generated is sufficient to keep each sample in its own tube.

Swift concentration, Fine drying

MiVac concentrators are extremely quiet when in use and typical results with water show that MiVac systems are up to 40% faster than comparable machines, due to the to the very high displacement pumps. Performance can be further enhanced through the use of the MiVac SpeedTrap refrigerated condenser.

The MiVac system has many features which makes it a very powerful concentration system, i.e;

  1. The Concentration methods – speed up concentration of water and alcohols
  2. JetRotors – help to conduct the heat to the samples. Using a solid aluminium holder is the most efficient method for optimal heat transfer.
  3. MiVac SpeedTrap – reduces solvent emissions and speeds concentration
  4. MiVac Pressure Controller – enhances the performance of the SpeedTrap and allows optimisation of concentration parameters for a wide range of solvents


Types of Concentrator system 
1. MiVac DNA
2. MiVac Duo
3. MiVac Quattro

Pick out the right system, concentrator, pump, rotor, condensers, and traps


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