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New Year Revolution!

Wishing you a Successful and a Prosperous New year.


Technology is an amazing thing to be appreciated. We all rely on technology and our life is evolving with it. Modern technologies have made life more far better and more convenient. Our challenge is to get to tomorrow, make lab work easy, safe and more enjoyable. So let’s rewrite your technology this year.

FirstSource attempts to showcase you with some unique products throughout the year, that will make your lab work more easy and less tiresome.

Inspissate your Culture Safely:

Inspissator is a system accepted by WHO. It is a convenient and effective system designed to produce large batches of uniform tuberculosis culture medium four to six times per day.

  • Inspissation takes 50 minutes at 85ºC, the culture vessels are incubated on a shallow tray with water held at a constant temperature of 85 ºC within a tank.
  • The water temperature under the tray is controlled by a digital immersion thermostat for accuracy and reproducibility of set temperature.
  • All moving parts are incorporated in the control unit which is easily removed for servicing.
  • A constant level device ensures that water level remains constant despite evaporation losses.
  • Batches of tubes are quickly and easily set out and collected from the tray, so ensuring rapid turnover time for batches.

Thus an inspissator resolves the problem of contamination and safety.

Why a movable MS Bench?

The main issues in a laboratory is, difficult access to the rear of the instruments and there is a huge loss of back space where the instrument is placed. IonBench is compatible with the concept of modular laboratory “open space”. The mobility of ion bench saves almost 30% of the space in your laboratory.

Sound is another major problem in a lab. Nobody immediately realizes the advantages of a quieter working environment. The integrated vacuum noise enclosure brings 75% of sound reduction. It has a series of vacuum noise enclosure:

  • IonBench NE58 Series- that can accommodate up to two vacuum pumps
  • In Bench NE78 Series- that can accommodate up to three vacuum pumps

So if you like to have a contaminant free culture and noise labs
Log on to www.firstsourcels.com

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