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Mobile virology labs for COVID-19 testing

The world is facing a severe epidemic of Coronavirus. This virus has turned out to be the worst of its kind. Due to the Coronavirus, the whole world is suffering in every possible way, for instance, the economic scale is going down day by day, the markets have been closed since long, the death toll is increasing day by day, and the positive cases of Corona are escalating rapidly worldwide!

Furthermore, the medical system of the developed countries like Italy, United States, United Kingdom are struggling to fight with this virus as their number of cases have crossed the phase-3, which is indeed a dilemma. In India, the cases are increasing day by day too but luckily our medical system is tackling this situation brilliantly. However, in the future, there are chances that the number of positive cases may increase due to the population in our country. As COVID-19 is contagious and can spread in our country rapidly and therefore, our medical system is making every possible move to control this pandemic.

In these tough times, the Science by Design, Arena Consultants and FirstSource Laboratory Solutions is giving a helping hand to our medical system by introducing a Portable Container Lab,

  • This is a fully equipped laboratory for executing the Corona Virus Tests.
  • This is a testing lab which is designed and developed in a 20 feet long container, this lab is fully functional and has all the proper features and several types of equipment an ideal laboratory should have.
  • This lab is moveable and has the capacity of testing 250 to 300 samples in a day, which is indeed an adequate number of tests that can be executed in twenty-four hours.

Portable Test Lab for Coronavirus is ready to combat the pandemic

As mentioned, this is a moveable lab and can be taken by one place to another place.

  • This lab can become an extreme ease for our medical experts struggling in rural areas.
  • This lab can be taken to any city, town, a village for testing the samples accurately in rural areas too.
  • These laboratories will be providing the facilities to the people residing far from the cities and having no or less medical facilitation in their areas. Those who are in need to have this test done should not have to travel long because of these mobile Bio-containment laboratories.
  • Now, the samples of the people who are living in rural areas need not be taken far from one place to another because these labs can be fixed in any hospital, school, or any other center where the tests can be executed easily.
  • A quick test brings the most accurate results, therefore, the medical system of such areas can take a breath of relaxation because of this Portable COVID-19 Laboratory.

The mobile feature of this laboratory can turn into a life-saving invention of this era of hardships because everyone is fighting with this COVID-19 pandemic by putting every possible effort.

These laboratories can be a plus solution to the problems occurring at places like airport, railway station, city borders etc. where travelled people are subjective to send for Corona test, such people do not need to travel anywhere anymore, their tests can be done on the spot and this step will be really effective in controlling this pandemic from spreading due to the people with travel history.

Science by Design, Arena Consultants and FirstSource Laboratory Solutions has studied and scrutinized all the facts and figures and came to the conclusion that this Portable Test Lab has to be introduced in the time of need.

We are completely focused on combatting with this epidemic by all the possible means. We realized how essential it is to coming forward with this idea of a Portable Test Lab designed exclusively for fighting against the Corona virus pandemic.


Our sincere thanks to Dr Rajesh Babu Dandamudi and Dr Venketesh S, our subject matter experts from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning for their ongoing technical inputs at all times. We would not have been able to design this unit without their tireless and selfless advice.

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