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Ideal Cleansing Solution to remove Impurities from all Laboratory Components

Digital Timer & Heater Ultrasonic Bath – Model 2800H-E

Branson Ultrasonic Bath automatically maintains the ultrasonic power by adjusting the changes in liquid level and temperature caused by a light or heavy load. It assures uniform and precision cleaning over the entire surface. High/Low power control is provided. Temperature settings are available and can be programmed through the front panel for easy access and monitoring. High-temperature visual alarm/auto shut-off is provided for safety purpose. In laboratories, it is used to remove blood, protein and contaminants on tools such as glassware, lenses, instruments and precision components. It is also used in Medical/ Dental labs, Industries to remove grease, electronics to remove flux and in optical. A perforated tray of stainless steel and feature drainage through circular machined holes 1/8″ in diameter is also provided with the bath.

Specifications include:

  • Frequency Rating: 40kHz
  • Tank Capacity: 75gal
  • Time Setting: 99min

Buy online Branson Digital Ultrasonic Bath 2800 through FirstSource Laboratory Solutions.

Ideal Cleansing Solution to remove Impurities from all Laboratory Components from FirstSource Laboratory

Refrigerated Circulators – 5L

The Scientifique Circulator is designed to take care of heating and cooling applications. It uses microprocessor-based technology and is fitted with a powerful pump to take care of both internal and external circulation applications. It incorporates a heater to care of fast heating rates. The refrigeration system is strong to help achieve fast cooling times. All models have a drain to help in emptying the circulator tank for periodical cleaning. The grill is removable to help in cleaning the condenser.

Specifications include:

  • Temperature Range: – 10 to 100 °C
  • Temperature Control: PID
  • Temperature Stability: ±03°C
  • Display: Dual 7 segment LED
  • Display Resolution: 1°C
  • Heating Capacity: 2000 W
  • Cooling Capacity at 20°C: 300 W
  • Pump Flow Rate: 12.5 L/min
  • Bath Volume: 5L
  • Refrigerant: R134a

We have Scientifique Refrigerated Circulators of different Volume and Temperature designed to match customer’s requirements.

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