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For Extraction of Heat Labile components use Refrigerated Centrifuge Rota 3R

PlastoCrafts Centrifuges available at FirstSource Laboratory Solutions are used for diverse applications, including biotechnology, pharmacology, medicine, petroleum, in-vitro fertilization as well as environmental analysis. The company stands for innovative products and the development of durable energy efficient and especially user-friendly devices.

Rota 3R Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge

The PlastoCrafts Universal Centrifuges has the versatility to hold Angled rotor 10 x 8 ml or 4 x 50 ml round tubes. Rota 3R is universal centrifuge model have multiple rotor sizes that can hold up to 200 ml tubes yet are compact enough for bench top spaces.

For Extraction of Heat Labile components use Refrigerated Rota 3R-FirstSource-Laboratory-Solutions

Rota 3R Refrigerated Centrifuge model is excellent choices for labs performing cell culture or tissue culture. It includes 100 – 20,000 RPM speed range and digital speed control. This model is with brush less drive motor and 4 line LCD Display for current and Pre-set values, with stainless steel chamber. The system has a dynamic electric braking system and optional condensate drain.


  • Speed range – 100 to 20,000 RPM
  • Temperature range – -10°C to 40°C
  • Net weight – 65 KGs (143 lbs)
  • Noise level at maximum speed – <60 db (A)
  • Electrical requirements – 230 Volts 50 Hz 15 AMP Single Phase
  • Total power consumption – 750 watts


  • Low-speed applications requiring gentle handling of cells
  • Sensitive samples
  • Tissue and cell processing
  • High throughput DNA isolation
  • Ultra filtrations
  • Nanotechnology

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Rotors & Accessories:

As a Universal Centrifuge for a wide variety of applications in research and industry, the Rota 3R is specifically designed for fixed-angle rotors. The Rota 3R accommodates all vials from 0.2 ml to 50 ml in fixed-angle rotors and one swing-out rotor. We will provide the fixed angled rotor of 10 x 8 ml and 4 x 50 ml. In addition outstanding separation performance is achieved across a broad spectrum of applications areas such as microbiology, biochemistry, nanotechnology, genetics, etc.

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