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Drying made easy by Vacuum Oven

Newtronic Vacuum Oven- 30L

Interior and exterior chamber material is of SS 304 provided with one rack of aluminium. Door is provided with positive latch and silicon gasket to seal the vacuum. A glass window is provided to view the process. The controller is PID with integrated timer of 0 to 99 hours. At the back of the oven, connection for vacuum pump is provided. A separate vacuum release valve is provided for releasing vacuum by gentle turn of the knob. For rapid and equal heating without any thermal loss, heater is mounted below the tray. Drying time is considerably reduced and highly accurate controller allows gentle drying of heat sensitive materials. For safety purposes, audio and visuals alarms are provided. IQ, OQ, PQ certificates are provided.

Drying made easy by Vacuum Oven FirstSource Laboratory Solutions

Specifications include:

  • Range: 40 to 200°C
  • Accuracy : ± 2°C
  • Capacity : 30 Lt/ 1 CuFt
  • Internal Size (H x W x D) : 275 x 300 x 300 mm
  • External Size (H x W x D) : 460 x 590 x 425 mm
  • of Trays : 1
  • Tray Size : 260 x 320 mm

To order online Newtronic Vacuum Oven NLVO1SE visit https://www.firstsourcels.com/newtronic-nlvo1se-vacuum-oven-30-lt-with-int-ext-ss

Rocker 800 Vacuum Pump

Rocker Vacuum Pump provided by FirstSource, is driven by piston for maintenance free operations. Lubricant/oil is not required hence no oil or air pollution. Vacuum regulator is provided to adjust vacuum. There is an in-built thermal protection device to shut down the pump automatically when overheated. As temperature cools down, the function is resumed. It is CE certified. It is widely used in vacuum drying, vacuum oven, high volume degas, filtration for microbiology test, Suspended solid test, air sampling applications. The equipment is provided with 2 years of warranty.

Specifications include:

  • Power: 200 W
  • Current:0.9 A
  • Vacuum: 120mbar (-670mmHg)
  • Flow Rate: 80 l/min
  • Overflow Protection:No
  • Motor Rotation: 1450 RPM
  • Horse Power: 1/3 HP
  • Noise Level:0 dB
  • Hose Barb: 3/8 inch (8 mm)

FirstSource Laboratory Solutions is providing Rocker 800 Oil Free Vacuum Pump with no air pollution and maintenance free. Here you can find more filtration products by Rocker Scientific.

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