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Mobile virology labs for COVID-19 testing

The world is facing a severe epidemic of Coronavirus. This virus has turned out to be the worst of its kind. Due to the Coronavirus, the whole world is suffering in every possible way, for instance, the economic scale is going down day by day, the markets have been closed since long, the death toll is increasing day by day, ...

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Process Verification Vs Validation – What Do You Require?

Process Verification Vs Validation Cycle

Separating amid confirmation and approval for an assembling procedure can be befuddling, as they are the same. The distinction is in usage, wanted result and period of the procedure. To endeavor to clear things up, take a glance at a basic case of a rigging gear-tooth that has been produced according to prerequisites expressed by a customer – The initial ...

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How to take care of Laboratory Chemicals

How to take care of Laboratory Chemicals-1

All strong research center synthetic compounds adsorb and respond with segments of air inside the holder. This is traded for outside air upon any withdrawal of item, except if reasonable techniques are received. Since communications of synthetics with air parts debase their quality. Introduction A laboratory chemical is portrayed by structure and properties accessible from the writing that doesn’t change ...

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PEEK Membranes now with FirstSource!!

Novamem Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) membranes exhibit unrivalled chemical , thermal and mechanical properties. Novamem makes chemically non-modified nano- and microporous PEEK-membranes which are hydrophobic & highly temperature resistant (melting point 343 °C). Novamem PEEK Membrane Membranes exhibit outstanding resistance to almost any known organic solvent, as they consist of non-modified pure PEEK Other PEEK Membrane Modified PEEK-membranes does not ...

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Peak Webinar – The Success Zone

FirstSource hosted a successful GC webinar with Peak Scientific On Tuesday 15th Dec, FirstSource Laboratory Solution hosted a Peak GC webinar The webinar was hosted by FirstSource Laboratory Solutions and was delivered by Dr. Ed Connor, GC Product Specialist at Peak Scientific, the main aim of this webinar was to bring awareness on the rising cost of helium and the ...

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