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Why Wearing a BioTrap Face Mask is essential During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Nowadays, wearing a mask becomes a new normal of life to get protected from COVID-19. Many types of masks are available in the market. But all those masks are made of different materials and consists of various characteristics. We will see about BioTrap Face Mask that how it is made of and how it is useful to protect from disinfection.

There is a difference in the manufacturing of mask-like BioTrap N95 mask is developed on the base of filtration + absorption + deactivating microbes. While regular masks like N95 mask are made only on the base of filtration of microbes.

As we have seen that the regular N95 masks work with only filtration principle. So, it will result in the active microbes on the surface of the mask after the usage of it. On the other side, in the BioTrap N95 mask, microbes will be inactivated because of vitamin E, turmeric(curcumin), and salt which works on the principles of osmosis and microbicidal activities which leads to inactivation of microbes.

The Make in India initiative by the Prime Minister of India will soon take place and there are many vendors who have had already started making masks by using the remaining fabric. The textile industry will also extend their helping hands toward making more masks in the initiative.

5 Layers Integrated in BioTrap Face Mask:

BioTrap Face mask is made of 5-layer and all layers perform different functionalities. Let’s see what are those five layers of BioTrap N95 mask and their characteristics.

First layer – Non-woven Outer Layer

As major viral diseases spread through the coughing and sneezing of the contaminated person, the non-woven outer layer is developed like a water repulsing layer and it does not allow to enter any aerosol/dust/fog to be infiltrated.

Second layer – Salt Layer

The Salt layer contains an extreme level of salt concentration. If any microbe can infiltrate through layer 1 which is a Non-woven outer layer, at that point microbes will come in contact with salts that absorb remaining water from the microorganism and it will be responsible for the osmotic unevenness. Further, microbes will be inactivated in this salt layer.

BioTrap Face Mask advntages

Third layer – Activated Layer

The activated layer contains the same material or components that are used in the normal N95 masks. Added to that, it comes with extra components – Vitamin E and Curcumin from Turmeric. Some enveloped virus and bacteria which consists of the lipid bilayer that is oily. Since vitamin E is also oily, it can hydrophobic absorption of microbes and bacteria. Then, it leads to the inactivation of microbes based on the antioxidant activity of Vitamin-E.

Moreover, it also contains curcumin which is extracted from turmeric, which regulates anti-bacterial and antiviral activity, which helps to kill the microbes.

Fourth layer – Salt Layer

When any contaminated person wears this BioTrap mask, this layer 4 will absorb remaining water from the microbes or bacteria and it leads to an osmatic imbalance for cell lysis of microbes which will result in the inactivation of microbes.

Fifth layer – Non-woven Inner Layer

So, the fifth layer works the same as the first layer. When any contaminated person wears this mask, it does not allow it to pass aerosol/sneeze of the infected person to the outside through the barrier. As it will help to stop the spread.


So, from the principles based on BioTrap mask is made of, it is safe to use.

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