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Best instruments for your Microbiology laboratory

FirstSource Laboratory provides below listed instruments for your microbiology lab.

Digital Microcentrifuge with unique features

Neuation iFuge M08VT Microcentrifuge provides some various features. This model includes closed type rotor with 8 places, electric brake for immediate stop on lid opening and user calibration functions. The model is microprocessor controlled enables digital variable display and time setting with last run memory function.

Best instruments for your Microbiology laboratory from FirstSource Laboratory

Digital Vortex Mixer with Microprocessor Control

Vortex mixer is a simple device, which is used in laboratories to mix small vials of liquid. The device consisting of an electric motor with the drive shaft and cupped rubber piece mounted slightly off-center. Neuation iSwis VT model with adjustable speed from 300 to 4200 RPM & timer setting. This model includes inbuilt counter balance and microprocessor based closed loop control for greater efficiency.

Lab Burner with adjustable flame size

Rocker Bunsen burner produces non-luminous flame, hot and sootless. Dragon 100 model includes maximum temperature 1300° C and 40 g fuel tank capacity.


  • Piezo ignition
  • Adjustable flame
  • Refillable butane tank

Radwag Analytical Balances with high precision and excellent design

RADWAG designed world-class analytical balances to measure the small mass level particles in the sub-milligram range. Analytical balances are fitted with transparent glass doors to avoid the dust particles on a measuring pan. Today pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology industries, chemical industries and research laboratories are well established, which are utilizes broad world class range of balances.

Corrosion resistant Motorless Magnetic Stirrer with compact design

Neuation iStir Uno Magnetic Stirrer with a speed ranges from 15 to 1500 RPM and it is suitable for the high speed rotation experimental environment. This model with a ergonomic design and light weight. Neuation stirrers are easy to operate and low profile. This model includes the slim profile and compact design with digital display with a stirring capacity up to 800 ml. These are built in corrosion resistant SS top surface for better chemical resistance.

User friendly Binocular Microscope for Students

Optika digital microscopes have been designed to provide operating simplicity and absolute reliability, delivering fast, accurate and dependable results. Binocular biological microscopes designed especially for students attending primary school. B-50B Model with a monocular head, 360° rotating and 30° inclined. This model includes Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x objectives and illuminator with 1W LED built-in in the condenser.

Select Scientifique Unstirred Water Bath according to your requisition

Scientifique USB-5 unstirred water bath constructed in full stainless steel & are provided with special energy efficient heaters. For better heat distribution external heater added to the model. This model includes temperature ranges from ambient +5 to 99.9°C, PID temperature controller and dry run safety alarm.

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