RTS-1, Personal Bioreactor


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RTS-1 is Personal bioreactors which provide "Reverse-Spin" type of agitation and logging of microbial growth in 50ml tubes in real time. includes software pack and external power supply unit.


  • Innovative mixing due to reverse spinning of the sample around its own axis
  •  Due to innovative mixing technology it is possible to measure optical density of the probe in real time
  •  Software has been developed to store, display and analyse the data in real time
  •  rtS-1 and rtS-1c are compact devices with low profile and small footprint for personal application
  •  Temperature control allows to use rtS-1 and rtS-1c as an incubators, e.g. for cell growth
  •  rtS-1c has a function of active cooling and temperature profiling via software
  • The ability to change parameters such as temperature, RPM and “Reverse-Spin” frequency, allows to achieve consistency and reproducibility of the results
  • Programmable Cycling/profiling of cultivation parameters such as temperature, RPM, “Reverse-Spin” frequency
  • The ability to remotely monitor the process of cultivation while home or using a mobile phone

Measurement range
0–10 OD at 10–20ml volume (0–19 OD λ600 nm equivalent): 0–8 OD at 20–30ml volume (0–15.2 OD λ600 nm equivalent)
Measurement wavelength (λ): 
850 nm
Measurement precision
±0.3 OD
Light source
NIR Light diode
Measurement periodicity per hour
Cultural media volume
5–30 ml
Type of tube for aerobic cultivation
50 ml tube with membrane filter (TubeSpin® Bioreactor 50, TPP®)*
Type of tube for anaerobic cultivation
50 ml tube with membrane filter (TubeSpin® Bioreactor 50, TPP®)
Temperature setting range
+25°C ... +70°C
Temperature control range
5°C above ambient ... +70°C
Temperature stability
Speed control range
50–2,000 rpm
Max. number of units connected to the software          
Minimum PC requirements: 
Intel/AMD Processor, 1 GB RAM Windows XP*/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, USB 2.0 port
Optimal PC requirements
Intel/AMD Processor, 3 GB RAM Windows XP*/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, USB 2.0 port
Overall dimensions (W×D×H): 
130 × 212 × 200 mm
1.7 kg
Input current/power consumption
12 V DC, 3.3 A / 40 W
External power supply
Input AC 100–240 V 50/60 Hz, Output DC 12 V

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