Reichert AR200 Automatic Digital Handheld Refractometer with IR Communication package


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Reichert AR200 Automatic Digital Handheld Refractometer with  IR Communication package

Reichert's AR200 digital hand held refractometer gives you laboratory accuracy with a hand held unit: Twice the accuracy, twice the range, at half the cost of other units.

This refractometer is easy to use. It measures both refractive index (1.3300 to 1.5600 range) and full Brix (0.0 to 95.0 range). Accuracy is 0.0001 refractive index and 0.1 Brix, which is comparable to many laboratory/benchtop models costing many thousands of dollars more! In addition, this unit can store 3 additional measurement scales to meet specific applications. An optional IR communications package allows the operator to connect this refractometer to a PC to download the measurement data log and calibration history.

The AR200 is offered with a durable Sapphire prism, which is 4x more durable and 2x more conductive to temperature than a conventional glass prism. Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures measurement accuracy and eliminates the need for temperature correction charts or tables. Powered by 4-AAA batteries, the AR200 will provide 3000+ measurements before battery replacement. Designed and manufactured at our Depew NY, USA factory, we offer this exceptional refractometer with a full 2-year factory warranty.

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