Capp Electronic Pipette, Single Channel, 50-1000 ul


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  • SKU: 140-0110
  • Product Code: M-1000
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Capp electronic pipette, single channel, 50-1000 ul

Capp Electronic Pipette, Single Channel, 50-1000 ul

1. Capp Maestro is the electronic pipette that combines all benefits that the modern researcher needs.

2. The colored OLED display gives better optical control while pipetting as they have better contrast and greater screen refresh rate compared to the other LCD screens and it also, OLED display consume less power compared to the other display

3. Lightweight construction and elegant ergonomic design with wide hook allows you to rest the pipette at the palm of your hand with no need to actually “grab it”.

4. Its tip ejector works as a finger rest for your thumb (where you have to simply rest you thumb on the tip ejector, and gently activate the pipetting button at the same time).

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